Monday, April 5, 2010

Love is Blind

I told my husband how very nice he looked as he left for work. He laughed, kissed me good-bye, and said modestly, “love is blind.” Jokingly, I put on my glasses, scrutinized him again, and said, “No, you really look sharp.” Then I reflected on how I looked – frumpy robe, glasses, hair awry, and gathering the trash for the Monday pick-up. I wondered if maybe his comment was for his own encouragement as he looked at me so early in the morning. I hoped the statement was true – and gave thanks.

When we love someone, blindness can be a good thing. There are many things we simply do not see. And there is much we ignore. It’s because when we love someone, we try to find the good, we see the potential, and we forgive the imperfections. And furthermore, we are vividly reminded of own imperfections and it becomes much easier to forgive another. We see the faults and yet, we choose to believe that they are doing the best they can. We are blinded by love. It’s a beautiful thing.

Isn’t that somewhat like God? But never kid yourself. God’s love is not blind. He has perfect vision – nothing misses his sight. He loves us, sees us through and through, knows everything, and yet He loves us more than we know. He knows we will disappoint. He knows we will falter in our efforts. He knows we will be unkind and uncaring. He knows we will not be a good steward of our time and resources. And knowing all of that, He still forgives us and tells us to forgive others.

More importantly and amazingly, He still loves us. His love is “blind” to our inadequacies and our miserable failures because His love sees us as He created us, not as we have allowed the world to twist us into thinking we might be unlovable. Plus, God never gives up on our efforts. He keeps nudging us along, showing us the way, drawing us close to Him.

Easter is the perfect reminder. There is evidence of Resurrection everywhere. We are being shown, nudged and drawn again to Him. The world is coming out new and fresh. Why can’t we do the same thing? My pastor said last week that with every finish there is a new beginning. With every day we can begin again and start over. Does it get weary? Sometimes. Is it frustrating? Yes. Will I ever get it? Eventually.

Keep your eyes on Him.