Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Come To The Table

I received a bird feeder as a Christmas present. It's a real one. It is a cedar house with a tray and holds lots of bird seed. Birds can sit on four sides and dine in style. And just for the season, I splurged and bought some food with things that even I like to eat - pecans and raisins. The bird feeder came with what is called a "baffler." A baffler is designed to keep the squirrels from running up the pole to devour the tasty nuggets. It is supposed to baffle them. I admit, I will love watching a baffled squirrel.
Once the feeder was installed, we sat inside on the cold afternoon and just watched - like two old people - waiting for the first visit to this new snack haven in my back yard. It was late in the day and cold and there were no takers. But this morning the sun is out and the visitors are one-by-one showing up: cardinals, tit mice, wrens, jays, red-winged blackbirds.  There is a feast for the finding and I am enjoying the show.
Nothing like a New Year to get a fresh opportunity. Even the birds like it. Oh, they still visit their little plastic feeder in another part of the yard, but this new one is "five star" and worth returning to often.  What new opportunities are just waiting out there for you and me? Opportunities in our workplace. Opportunities in our community. Opportunities in our personal life.
I love it that Christmas comes just before the New Year. You see, every Christmas I get it right. I slow down, enter into Advent with a heart for clearing the clutter and making the way for the Christ child. He comes and I hold the candles high in worship, singing and praising that yes, Joy has entered my life once again.  I vow to start fresh in the New Year. I get a new calendar and clean out the basement of my failures , motivated to start fresh because of the renewed joy that the Christmas message brings.
Why is it that a simple birdfeeder is such a visual reminder of God who brings in the New Year, offering up a variety of opportunities at His table of abundance.  All delivered down by grace, mine for the receiving. I just have to fly to the feeder of my faith, take in the nourishment , gather strength and rest, knowing that the table is prepared for me.
I'll be watching the birdfeeder to see who visits. I suppose God will also be watching for me.