Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September Anniversary Sale

The single oak leaf that floated down in front of me reminded me that another season is here. And although many of us have been looking forward to this squelcher of a summer to be over, I always enter into September with some trepidation for, to me, September is the month of death. I watch the butterflies finish up their short, busy lives. I pull up the remains of the garden. I watch my Impatiens begin to tire just as they are at their fullest, clinging to their beauty for a few more days. And once again I remember those two weeks of watching the darkness of death march into my home and take the life of my child. I don't intend to do it but I find myself there - from a distance - watching it all as an outsider, looking at the one who was about to leave, facing the horror of what had happened, rewinding the events and still finding it hard to believe after three years. Yes, all too real.

I picked up the book When God Comes Near and reread the short story. I felt like someone else, not the author, reading and mystified that such a story could be told while living it. I didn't feel like the author. Let me rephrase that. I knew it wasn't me that got that book written. I believe that when God calls a person out for a task (in my case it was caring for a dying child), he prepares us and guides us through whatever the task might be. And I also believe that he calls each one of us to some task. None of us are off the hook. For me, I guess He thought I should put words on paper. And as I obeyed, how he gave me words, comforted me, taught me and revealed himself to me. All along, he was there with me, guiding the work to completion. And then he let me put my name on the book. Maybe it should have been titled When I Come Near and Wait with You by GOD. You see, with that title, I can say without hesitation, "I really like this book and recommend it to you."

See, by giving the credit to God, I can get to the real point of the book which is simply: God is with us. He walks our paths and provides light for the journey he has planned for our lives. And when we accept his plan and obey what he asks, we will "find ourselves riding with God in ways we never dreamed possible."

So, I am celebrating with a September Anniversary Sale! And I invite you to celebrate Megan's three-year anniversary in Heaven with us, by using what God has richly provided to share with others who might just need hope, encouragement and the promise of better days ahead. I never dreamed a book would be so well received (but now I really know the author and am not surprised.) I never dreamed people would ask me to speak at their events or want to purchase little Fruit of the Spirit Note Cards or Seasonal Greeting Cards. I never dreamed it to be possible. "Oh, ye of little faith."

Here's the "anniversary package" and just in time for getting some early Christmas shopping done.

Buy two books, get the third free along with a set of note cards and a set of greeting cards.

An $85 value for $40 - now there's a savings!

Contact me at or my website to place an order.

Just now, the sun has come out as I am about to post my thoughts. September is beautiful. The leaves are just beginning to turn red and gold. The promises of new life are everywhere. I have hope.