Monday, July 30, 2012

Weed Control

It's funny how weeds love to grow when the temperatures soar.
For a while you hardly notice them. They  sneak in and grow along with the grass. Then they take off. You can recognize them because they shoot up with an attitude. They spread like wild fire, creeping through the ground, and before you know it, they have choked out the good grass.
You must stop the choking. You must take action and try to save the good grass. The directions on the container of weed killer say to treat weeds during the growing season. Spray the weeds while they are growing and they will be stopped. Last week I did just that. I sprayed with a vengeance— nutgrass, crabgrass, and a multitude of "other" grasses that do not belong in my lawn. Each day now, I celebrate a little more of the yellowing and wilting of the invaders.
By contrast, there is a parable in the Bible where Jesus talks to the disciples about weeds and wheat. The farmer sows the wheat and while he is sleeping, a villain comes in and sows weeds to grow up with the wheat. The workers ask the farmer if they should pull up the weeds, but the farmer says to let the weeds grow with the wheat, that he alone will separate the two when it is time for the harvest, keeping the wheat and burning the weeds forever. (Matthew 13)
The lesson from the parable reminds me that for this present moment, I am that farmer. Although gratefully I am not to judge,  I am to distinguish between the weeds and wheat—the good and the bad in my life. I am to control the invasive and harmful things that want to discourage and destroy me. I have to be constantly on the lookout for them. And I am to cultivate the good with nourishment and attention. Oh, it's hard work. And sometimes we get weary and just want to ignore those things in our lives that seek to invade and destroy. But until that final harvest comes that is spoken of in Matthew, we must work the fields— and wait—and trust. We must educate ourselves and know the difference between good and bad - truth and lies. We must know how to vote, what to stand for, and where to draw the line.
Where are you celebrating "the wilting of the invaders" in your life?


  1. Marcia,
    My flower garden is my constant reminder that I must be responsible to weed when possible. Sometimes a weed appears and I think its a flower, then later realize it's an invader. So grateful for the one who comes alongside us and shows us what's in our hearts, so we can seperate between invaders and encouragers. You are a sweet encouragement to me this morning. Thanks for sharing. Love you.

  2. Thank you for posting this article. I was great information and I love the parable you tied into it. It's so true. Like weeding, we have to get rid of those bad actions, thoughts, words, or whatever it is and let those good things inside of us continue to grow. weed control is important for our garden to bloom to it's full potention.