Wednesday, May 15, 2013

After 30 Days, Then What?

I heard an interview with a man who helped after the bomb exploded in Boston. After 30 days, he was questioned about his involvement and how he is healing. His voice cracked. He stammered a bit, but was able to tell how he had stepped over some hurt people to get to the ones who were near death. The memories haunted him and when asked if he thought he could move forward now, he wondered how he would. It might take a lifetime.

I also watched a young woman be interviewed after barely escaping from a car that exploded on a bridge in California, killing all of her friends.. Traumatized, she cried on camera, saying she wanted to go back and pull her friends out of the car, desperate to save them from the raging flames. Those memories will haunt her for a long time.

Tragedies seem to be constant and more and more horrific. We are exposed to the raw details of the event, experiencing the daily devastation from our own safe homes. We cringe when we listen to the report of three little girls held captive for ten grueling years. And as we drive down our own streets, we wonder if that could ever happen to us.

And if it did happen to us, how could we ever move forward? Recover? Heal?

One man said, "I have to put this behind me now and move on."

One man looked down and wept. It will take him longer.

One woman could not speak. It will take her even longer.

But with time and loving support, they will move forward. They will look at life with different eyes. Their eyes will be eyes that carry the depth of painful experience, wounds. And because they look with wounded eyes, they will see the injustices around them more often, and possibly seek to reach out to extend the hand of grace to another.

And yet, in the beauty of perfect Spring days, I know that even in a troubled world, all is well. Every day this week as the news reports defy goodness in this world, I can look out to a creation that is full of wonder and perfection, new life, and a desire to bloom and grow. And in some way it is the same yearning in my own heart that knows that yes, God is making everything new( Revelation 21:5).

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